Open your eyes

Close your ears

Close your ears

Open your eyes 

Listen to the words you see

You are blind to what you hear

Listen to the words you see

Do not fear the truth beneath

Reach for roots beneath the trees

Listen to the words you seek

Don’t listen to a word they say

Do NOT listen to a word you’ve heard

Do not listen to a word you’ve heard

People are people we live for our own

Live how you think not by what you’ve been told 

Drake // “The Outro”

"Are we done?"  I think I am…

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Don’t think they are making a big deal out of it or upset about it.

Just wondering why you feel the need to make such a show out of it not being Laurent. It may come off the wrong way to the original poster. I think that’s all they are trying to say.

"Be a scout…"
"I don’t want to be a minuteman…"

Stay Classy…

Homework that requires the internet


haha, is not going to get done :p

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Bam Martin…
Love this choreography. It’s just one beat kill after the other and he moves with so much power/intensity. Tight, clean, and precise. Amazing!
Ian Eastwood…
Thought this move was really cool. Kind of reminds me of the axel turns figure skaters do :p haha